Plans for the Next Quilt

I received this bundle of fat quarters in the mail the other day.  If you signed up for Monthy Sparks from Fabric Spark, then you've likely received it already.  I'm not signed up, but the reason I received it is because I curated the bundle this month!

Right away I knew I'd be using it for a pattern from the Simply Retro book.  I decided on Playground.

I'm finding that a lot of these patterns need a large chunk of one type of fabric for the background.  I don't have a lot of pieces that are more than 2 yards, so that's gonna be a fun challenge to find fabrics that work!  Anyways for this one I'm going with an unusual choice.  I think it is Andover Chambray in Bluegrass, but I bought it in an actual store and now when I look at the swatch online it looks more blue, whereas this fabric I've got here is fairly green.  One thing I've learned though is that trying to choose solid fabrics online by the way the swatches look on your screen is not a wise thing to do!

After choosing this fabric as my background, I decided these two fabrics (above) from my stack just weren't working the best.  I stuffed them into my stash pile and imagined I heard their sigh of relief at having escaped the chopping block!

I chose these two (above) to replace them.  Just looking at the photo above it doesn't make much sense, but I wanted to add a bit more purple and blue.

And so here's my stack for now!  I hope to start cutting tonight, although I do need to put the binding on my last one...

Also, Fabric Spark is having a back to school sale this weekend!  20%  off all kids fabric with  coupon code "coolkids".  And lucky for us, 'kids' fabric apparantly includes lots of stripes and geometric prints as well!

Swell Top Completed

The second quilt top from Simply Retro is complete!  Actually it's almost quilted already so it may be finished in a couple of days.

This one has a fairly distinctive color palette.  I started with a stack of some Midwest Modern by Amy Butler prints that I'd been hoarding.  In the end I added a lot of other prints.  It was fun putting together a quilt with such a distinctive group of colors.  The downside is that the finished quilt is less versatile because it definitely would not appeal to everyone, nor suit a wide variety of home decor.

The pattern, (Swell in the book Simply Retro) is an easy relaxing one to cut, only one size of square and one size of rectangle.  It's equally easy to sew.  It's definitely one I'd recommend as a beginner pattern.

Donut Quilt

Hi!  I hope you've all been so busy enjoying your summer that you won't have noticed my absence here!  There's just so much packed into a short season here that I'm okay with my sewing machine gathering dust for a month or two.  But I did find a few minutes to hand sew the binding on this otherwise long finished quilt.

I have not been cheating on my Quilt the Book with Simply Retro challenge.  No sirree.  In fact I have my second quilt top completed already and have not started any other project in between, well except for a few small necessary ones, but they don't count:)

So as I said, this Donut Quilt was almost complete many moons ago, and now it's being used to snuggle in the mornings when the air is brisk.  This one is staying at our house.  Not sure why, but I think I just can't resist the charm of a quilt made of 'donuts'.

About the quilt, it's made from this pattern.  It's a super fun quilt to make.  The background fabric is a Moda Grunge, although don't ask me which exact color it is, because I simply can't remember.  I used a crazy assortment of pinks for the donuts, and I realize that I don't even have a close up photo of my two favorite blocks!  I will try to get that yet.

It is minimally quilted, just handquilting with pink perle cotton around the donut shapes.  The backing is a combo of two prints, the gray polka dot and the pink feathers.  The binding is a combo of two prints as well, a stripe and a Liberty floral.  If you're curious about a specific fabric, feel free to ask in the comments and I will try to answer there as well so anyone interested can see.

p.s.  I'm pretty sure that the Moda Grunge background is this one here.  From the collection Little Black Dress 2.

Morning Walk Quilt

No, I'm not cheating on my goal to make all the quilts in Simply Retro!  This one was done earlier, but I just never got it photographed and blogged. 

The fabrics are mainly inspired by the Morning Walk collection, namely that cute cactus print.  It's made with the simplest ever 'pattern'.  Just cut your fabric into strips of varying widths, anywhere from 1.5" - 3".  Sew them into 10" squares and then arrange the 10" squares however you like.

I chose to turn a couple of the blocks to make the strips run the other way.

The quilt is backed in Kaffe Fasset's shot cotton, the color Shell.  Once again, this makes it so soft and light. 

If you like the cactus print, search for Morning Walk by Leah Duncan.  Any other prints that you're wondeirng about, just ask in the comments and I'll try to answer there so everyone can see it.